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8 Must Do Things In 2024 At Lake Tahoe

By Sara Branson, Posted on 16 Jan, 2024 at 03:21 am

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8 Must Do Things In 2024 At Lake Tahoe

Gin-clear water, snow-capped peaks, and soaring pine trees combine to create the majestic South Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe earned several nicknames like Caribbean in the Sky, Ocean in the Sky, or Jewel In the Sierra due to its unlimited natural treasures. Whether you wish to enjoy skiing, golfing, swimming, dining, shopping, or nightlife, the best things to do in Lake Tahoe roll into one holiday destination. As 2024 has already been marked on the calendar, we have enlisted the top 8 must-do things in 2024 at Lake Tahoe. So, let’s get started!


Catch Sight Of Lake Tahoe From A Hot Air Balloon:

For a bird's eye view of Lake Tahoe, get on a hot air balloon. This air balloon ride is considered one of the most distinctive rides in the world as it is the only balloon operation that kicks off and ends on the boat deck. Try to depart at the sunrise hours so that you can ascend over 10,000 feet as it provides uninterrupted views of the best Lake Tahoe attractions such as Desolation Wilderness. 


Enjoy Sunset From Cave Rock:

Take in the best views at any time of the day by heading to one of the best Lake Tahoe tourist attractions, Cave Rock. But what fascinates the visitors the most are the remarkable sunsets. As the sun goes below the horizon, a colorful palette spills over the sky. 


Hike To Eagle Falls:

If you are fond of capturing mother-roaring nature, head to the Eagle Fall Trail which offers the most beautiful scenery and landscapes. The lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and large granite peaks with evergreens make this destination renowned for nature lovers among the Lake Tahoe attractions. 


Enjoy Skiing in Two States In A Day AT Heavenly Mountains:

The Heavenly Mountains are truly one of the best Lake Tahoe Tourist attractions. Ski this 4,800 acres of area that is suitable for all ages as well as discover snowboard parks, a 50-passenger aerial tram, and 30 lifts. The key draw is the breathtaking views of the lake. Make sure to check out the climbing walls, zip lines, adventure area, guided hiking tours, and a mountain coaster. 


Heavenly’s Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster:

Located at the Heavenly’s top, this mountain coaster offers an adrenaline-packed action, ride with multiple 360-degree loops. Experience the thrill of this high-speed roller coaster whose total time is 5 minutes. Bless your eyes with the natural rock formation views as you ride down the mountains with multiple twists and turns. 


Take A Trip On The MS Dixie II:

One of the most memorable things to do in Lake Tahoe is to take a trip on the MS Dixie II. This MS Dixie II leads through remarkable attractions such as Emerald Bay which is worth checking out, Vikingsholm Castle, and Fannette Island. 


Parasailing Lake Tahoe:

Fly high in the skies up to over 500 feet with Parasailing in Lake Tahoe above the clear waters and cool waves with white foams. For parasailing, you can head to Lakeside Marina Parasailing, Timber Cove Marina Parasailing, and Round Hill Pines Marina Parasailing to enjoy the views of treetops and stunning landscapes.


Lake Tahoe Boat Tours

Enjoy the gleaming waters of Lake Tahoe with immersive boat tours offering daytime excursions to setting sun wine scenes. The tours include a great mix of sightseeing, exploring history, and sometimes swimming or tubbing opportunities in the lake. 

Wrapping it up, South Lake Tahoe lives up to all its nicknames as it provides everything from sapphire beautiful blue water bodies to mind-boggling gondola rides. You will come across a wide variety of activities and the best things to do in Lake Tahoe, which this majestic place takes credit for So, get ready to capture some perfect views and more this year with our guide!

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